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Module 2H2 - Introduction to the analysis of orange juice 

An introduction module to the analysis of vitamin C/ascorbic acid in orange juice using ZP Hyper Value Screen Printed Electrodes (SPE) and the PalmSense Sensit Smart Potentiostat, with ADI on board.

Please note that this module is free using the promo-code on the back of the ZP Hyper Value Electrode Kit.

The screen printed electrodes and Sensit potentiostat
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In this note and accompanying video we describe a simple kitchen experiment for the analysis of orange juice using the ZP Hyper Value Screen Printed Electrode and PalmSens’ Sensit Smart potentiostat.

All chemicals used in this experiment were purchased from the local Grocery Store.

What's included?

  • eBook
  • Video
  • Quiz


In this module there is an eNote and a video demonstration using the ZP Hyper Value Screen Printed Electrodes and the Sensit Smart potentiostat, on how to perform the analysis of vitamin c/ascorbic acid in orange juice; using the electrochemical technique of cyclic voltammetry. 

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 Orange juice contains vitamin C/ascorbic acid.  Cyclic voltammetry can be used to quantify the total vitamin C in orange juice
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Meet the instructor


Mads is a ZP engineer, with great experience of electrochemistry having worked on a number of electrochemical sensors from glucose, to lactate to hydration, etc.
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