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Module 2C3- Introduction to Commercialization and Technology of Minimally Invasive CGM Sensors

An introduction to the effort and technology necessary to commercialize continuous glucose monitoring sensors.
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What's included, and intention of module

  • 2 x Video
  • Certificate of completion

Introduction to CGM commercialization and technology

In this module we introduce:
• Non-invasive CGM versus invasive CGM
• CGM Accuracy
• CGM Market landscape
• CGM History
• CGM bioelectrochemistry
• CGM and ISO13485 

Flying start

 This module is the distillation of over 23 years of industrial experience of commercial biosensor development, commercialization and manufacturing , it tells you the cost and effort that it takes to commercialise a CGM technology.
Meet the instructor

Dr Martin Peacock

Dr Martin Peacock is an industrial bioelectrochemist with over twenty years of biosensor experience, having had industrial roles from Abbott Diabetes to GSK, and solving technical challenges from continuous glucose monitoring to RNA analysis. In recent years Martin has set-up biosensor focused companies across the globe from Silicon Valley California to Oslo Norway.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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