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Electrochemistry 101 - Electrochemistry and Programming/Coding

This module will go through the fundamental knowledge for biosensor development.

The module consists of multiple lectures going through the fundamental knowledge of electrochemistry with guest lectures from who have been in the profession for 10+ years. There is also an optional course on programming since programming is becoming more and more associated with modern electrochemistry.
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What's included?

  • 1 Chapters
  • 1 Certification
  • Exam questions
  • Two Videos

The Art of Making

The skills and knowledge you need in this profession.

Develop your skills

Learn the tools used by the professions in this field.

Read. Watch. Learn.

Boost your confidence, master "the field".
Meet the instructors

Module Lecturers

Sindre Søpstad
Ph.d Electrochemistry, M.Sc/B.Sc Electronics, 10+ years in industry
Linhongjia Xiong
Ph.d. Electrochemistry, B.Sc. Chemistry, 10+ years in industry
Youssef Lattach 
Ph.d Electrochemistry, B.Sc Chemistry, 10+ years in industry. Managing director of Madelecs
Gerard Macias
Ph.d Electrochemistry, M.Sc. Electronics, B.Sc. Mechanics, 10+ years in the industry.  Co-founder of Macias Sensors 
Martin Peacock
Co-Founder of Zimmer and Peacock. Ph.d Electrochemistry, B.Sc(Hons) Organic chemistry, Honorary Professor at Swansea University, 30+ years in industry
Patrick Jones - Course author
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