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Welcome to Zimmer and Peacock's Introduction to Biosensors. This introductory course to biosensors is delivered  from the real-world experience and perspective of the World's leading contract biosensor development and manufacturing company.

The contents of this course is steeped in real world commercial examples so you are guaranteed that the contents are both practical and applicable.
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What's included?

  • 4 videos
  • 3 Quizzes
  • 20 Questions
  • 1 Exam

Become a Biosensor Scientist/Engineer

One of the futures for humanity are sensors and biosensors measuring the world, join the revolution.

Learn the fundamentals

Start on the path to your career in biosensors with this course
Meet the instructor

Dr Martin Peacock

Dr Martin Peacock is an industrial bioelectrochemist with over twenty years of biosensor experience, having had industrial roles from Abbott Diabetes to GSK, and solving technical challenges from continuous glucose monitoring to RNA analysis. In recent years Martin has set-up biosensor focused companies across the globe from Silicon Valley California to Oslo Norway.
Dr Martin Peacock - Instructor
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