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Nitrate Sensor Module and Delta T Logger Integration Instructions

An instructional guide to the configuration of ZP's sensor module to the Delta T logger.
This training module demonstrates how to integrate/connect the nitrate sensors from ZP AgTech with the Delta T Data Logger.

This module is free for clients and collaborators of ZP, please contact us for a free 100 % discount code.
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What's included?

  • Instructions on how to integrate the ZP Nitrate Sensor Module and a Delta T Data logger
  • How to test the ZP Nitrate Sensor Module
  • A 14 minute how to video with detailed instructions

Soil science

This module is intended to support owners of the Delta T Data Logger integrate the nitrate soil sensing modules from ZP AgTech.

Quick start

 The material in this module was written by our ZP AgTech Researchers and so is your most authentic and  fastest guide to integrating the ZP Nitrate Module with  the Delta T Data Logger.
Meet the instructor


Amanda is an engineer at ZP providing development and supports to our ZP clients and collaborators.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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