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Module - Construction of Soil Test Rig

A quick "how to guide" on building your own Soil Test Rig
As part of ZP AgTech and ZP's support of the soil research and agronomy community we are providing these instructions for the construction of a soil column test rig.

With this column you can test and characterize your soil monitoring technologies, including the ZP AgTech nitrate sensing modules and columns.
If you are a ZP client or a ZP collaborator please contact us for a discount coupon to access this module for free. 
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What's included?

  • eGuide
  • Video

Understand the Test Rig

Insight into the inner working of the soil test rig, plus a guide on how to get the most actionable data out of it. 

Flying start

The module offers a simple guide, to help users of the ZP nitrate rods and sensor modules, get started.
Meet the instructor

Gregor Pittendreigh

Gregor Pittendreigh is a Mechanical and Biomedical Engineer working as part of the Engineering team in the UK, London office. Originally from Scotland, he studied at The Robert Gordon University before joining ZP as an Intern.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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